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The J Word

2 Feb

We are almost done with probation.  I say “we” because of that fact that although Brett is the Firefighter, I am the Woman who must endure his stress, study time, and crazy schedule.  Although February 17th will not bring an end to bumps and hiccups, it will bring the certainty of a long career and dream long sought after. The past two weeks have brought additional shifts, study groups, manipulative tests, and many fire practical exams.   Translation: many days and hours without my man and lots of long hours with three kids five and under.  I’m not looking for a pat on the back here, many women endure the life of a Fire Wife, an Army Wife, as a Single Parent.  But, it is the reason I have been MIA.

Ultimately, being a wife and a mother are two of my primary roles so I know I have made the best choice prioritizing those jobs above writing.

Throughout this year of probation, I have been forced to look at each day as a gift, a blank canvas full of possibility.  And, in my life, each day includes three priorities:

(a) My relationship with Jesus; spending time with My Savior; gaining a fresh perspective; Daily Bread; sitting at the feel of Jesus
(b) Being a Wife; making my house a home for the man I love, the man who works  hard to provide for our family, in words and actions taking the time to love him more each day
(c) Being a Mom; allowing time for interruptions, being available, playing, listening, being patient, creating, teaching, loving

These priorities are my Purpose.  These priorities have  caused me to slow down, live intentionally, create, reflect, breathe, and ENJOY myself.

I love to write and I truly believe I have something to say.  But, I lack focus and direction.  My priorities offer a clear mission and the purpose of Mighty Sweet Mama, “to be a better woman, wife and mama,” is reflective of that mission.  But, what I’ve been missing is the number one factor: “Jesus.”

Jesus makes me a better Woman, Wife ,and Mother.  Period.

And…let it be known…My voice and thoughts about Jesus may be offensive to some.  Although I aim for propriety, I am 100% comfortable with the fact that the Lord gave me a heart for those who do not seek Him, which means I might offend of a couple of y’all on this journey.  Please forgive me.

That being said, there are a couple of things y’all should know about my relationship with Jesus…

Gladys Hardy Quote

Gladys Hardy Quote

Jesus Loves Me

Enjoy YOurself


Slow Down

12 Jan

I was rushing.  We were never going to make it to the bus stop!

Gavin’s huge blow out at “go” time required a mad dash via car in lieu of our morning walk.    I yelled and shoved the kids into the car, sped down the street, rolled the stop on the corner, waved to the bus driver to stop, and pulled into the nearest driveway to unload Stella.  But, instead of putting the car in park, I threw it in reverse as I opened my car door.  The car started to roll back down the drive.  I managed to keep one leg in the car, dive across the dashboard, and fix it in park.  I was shaking, embarrassed, and completely horrified.  In a rush, I almost sent my three kiddos into the street in a driver-less car.

Slow down.

I kept repeating the phrase to myself after hugging my children and taking several deep breaths.  Slow Down.

Brock, Gavin and I changed up our routine today.  Instead of grocery shopping, we made due with what was on hand.  Instead of heading to the gym, we ran the track together.  Instead of cleaning the house, we played Batman and board games.  We walked to get Stella.  We ate a late lunch and built a fort.  We took an evening walk together. We tucked in late.

Little scares, blips, and hiccups (whatever you want to call them) are God’s way of reminding me to Slow Down, take a breath, and focus on what’s most important.   There’s no need to rush from thing to thing and miss the scenery; the sunshine, the rainbows, the birds, the smell of the flowers…my kids, their smiles, their laughter.

Slow Down.


I don't want to miss this!