Slow Down

12 Jan

I was rushing.  We were never going to make it to the bus stop!

Gavin’s huge blow out at “go” time required a mad dash via car in lieu of our morning walk.    I yelled and shoved the kids into the car, sped down the street, rolled the stop on the corner, waved to the bus driver to stop, and pulled into the nearest driveway to unload Stella.  But, instead of putting the car in park, I threw it in reverse as I opened my car door.  The car started to roll back down the drive.  I managed to keep one leg in the car, dive across the dashboard, and fix it in park.  I was shaking, embarrassed, and completely horrified.  In a rush, I almost sent my three kiddos into the street in a driver-less car.

Slow down.

I kept repeating the phrase to myself after hugging my children and taking several deep breaths.  Slow Down.

Brock, Gavin and I changed up our routine today.  Instead of grocery shopping, we made due with what was on hand.  Instead of heading to the gym, we ran the track together.  Instead of cleaning the house, we played Batman and board games.  We walked to get Stella.  We ate a late lunch and built a fort.  We took an evening walk together. We tucked in late.

Little scares, blips, and hiccups (whatever you want to call them) are God’s way of reminding me to Slow Down, take a breath, and focus on what’s most important.   There’s no need to rush from thing to thing and miss the scenery; the sunshine, the rainbows, the birds, the smell of the flowers…my kids, their smiles, their laughter.

Slow Down.


I don't want to miss this!



Pinterest: Creating a full circle

9 Jan

I found a treat and followed the trail. Where did it lead? Full Circle; right back to my starting point.  Allow me to explain.

A couple of weeks back, I discovered the Blog: Nesting Place; a charming little nook where Nester Smith highlights  fabulous finds, perfect pieces, and inspirational insight. On this particular day, she wrote a great article about Pinterest and Blogging. I found the article fascinating. You may too. Check it out!

Pinterest and Blogging: The Good the Bad and the Huh

Pinterest and Blogging: The Good the Bad and the Huh

As I finished the article, I perused Nester’s site. I loved the colors. I loved the simple navigation. I loved her topics. I loved her voice. And I thought to myself,  I wonder if she would ever answer simple questions about blogging. I wonder how she got started? I wonder if she would share some bits of wisdom for a new blogger?

Hold that thought…

After I read the article I hopped over to one of my new favorite sites, Eighteen 25. These girls always feature fabulous subway art and I thought I would take a gander. On this particular day I discovered a giveaway for a Silhouette Cameo. Awesome!  And so, I entered the giveaway. I mean really, who wouldn’t? In fact the girls at Eighteen 25 shared a list of bloggers who were also participating in the Silhouette Cameo giveaway.

“Well, I really should take a quick peek,” I thought to myself…and so off I went.

Right off the bat I noticed  the other sites shared  creative content, similar to that of Eighteen 25.  Crafts.  Colors.  Beautiful Design.  Creativity.  What a treat!  At my finger tips, in a single consolidated list, were 17 amazing blog finds!

For the sake of bringing my story full circle in a single Blog Post, please allow me to share my  favorite sites:

1) Brown Paper Packages.  Shall I count thy ways to obsess, or would you like to just check it out for yourself?

Brown Paper Packages Calendar Blocks

Brown Paper Packages Calendar Blocks

2) The Idea Room.  A great site written by a mother of five.  She has no shortage of family fun, craft ideas, and organization.  (Side note, she also “hearts” Family Volley, which is a link I followed to find Heather.  Please see previous post for a little blip about this amazing Mama!!!)

The Idea Room Family Theme and Motto

The Idea Room Family Theme and Motto

3) Tatertots and Jello  She’s crafty, thrifty, and oh so inspiring.  Love her tutorials!  (I promise this will all tie together!)

Tatertots and Jello Lampshade Tutorial

Tatertots and Jello Lampshade Tutorial

So, as I was checking out Tatertots and Jello, I happened to come across an awesome little blip about a Growing my Blog.  (Granted these dates are about a week old now, so don’t hesitate to click the “view older posts” button!)  The content is awesome!  For someone new to the blogging world, I found the posts informative, insightful, and inspirational.  Take a peek!!!

Growing Your Blog

Growing Your Blog

Wait!  Beep Beep, back up!  Did you see?  Did you catch my full circle?  Brought to you by…Nesting Place! (and Thrifty Decor Chick, Tatertots and Jello, Miss Mustard Seed, and Centsational Girl.)

Nesting Place!  She shares wisdom and then some!  And while the highlight of my day was reading the post by Nesting Place,  a close second was the discovery of the other Bloggers in this five-part series.  I am soaking up  the light of their ideas, creativity, and guidance!

That’s a whole lot of fun exploration in one post.  And to think, my venture began with one simple Pinterest click.  It opens new doors I tell ya…fabulous new doors.

Grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea and Enjoy Yourself!


Family Volley Photo Challenge

5 Jan

So, this week, I have been overwhelmed by AMAZING blogging experiences, Pinterest finds, and inspiration, but all that’s gonna have to wait until tomorrow! Why? Because, I made a friend. Her name is Heather Johnson and she is awesome. She writes a blog called Family Volley, which is also awesome. And, she offered up a Photo Challenge, and that is super awesome too! I am excited to commit and play along. Check it out and join us. SLOW DOWN. Breathe. Smile. Shoot.

Challenge One: January 4, 2012: Self Portrait (2 takes)

I call this self portrait, "Brock...are you sure you should be doing that?"

Assume the position

What did I learn?

1) I am the last person on the planet to sign up for a Flickr account.
2) I have no idea how to set a timer and take a picture, which means any self portrait must be a hand held venture.
3) I was unable to slow down long enough to sit alone and take a solo picture. All attempts involved children and interruptions.
4) My facial expressions are reactions to all that is happening around me.
5) I considered cheating. I actually went back through my photo library to insert a solo picture and was unable to find one. I gave up in August 2011. I need more pictures of myself.
6) If I ever get Botox it will be in my forehead.
7) Gosh, I have GREAT eyes!!
8) I need to Slow Down.

What does your self portrait look like?

Enjoy Yourself!

Happy Hoping in 2012

1 Jan

Fire Wives balance a million roles everyday! That in between green is tough to find!!

Happy New Year!

Well, the year has started out with an immediate need for flexibility.  Brett had a force hire today.  Joy!  Despite Brett’s absence, I kept with the plan…more or less.

The day began with Cinnamon rolls, a pajama picnic on the patio, and an OJ toast to the New Year.  Okay – so maybe mine was a mimosa…but as far as the kids were concerned, it was OJ all around!  Next came church, where I discovered our new Bible Study: Beth Moore’s “James” Mercy Triumphs (Whoo Hoo!).  Back at the Roost, 5-year old Stella made her brothers and I lunch (PB Honey, Pop Chips, and Bananas).  The afternoon continued with bike rides, park time, and a little football.  Last, we topped the evening with a little Breakfast for Dinner.  The baby crashed out around seven, which left ample time for books and games before bed.  Wear’em’out is becoming my new motto!

Last year was my first spent as a FireWife.  For those of you who have “enjoyed” it longer, I admire and respect you.  It is exhausting; not just physically, but emotionally!  Of course change is a part of life, but a Fire Wife’s life demands flexibility like I had never imagined.

It was hard for me to keep my mind on the message this morning.   Instead of taking notes on the sermon, I made a list of Hopes for 2012.  Some would call these resolutions, but I’m a little gun-shy to commit to anything these days as a force hire may arise.  Haha!

This year I hope to:

1) Be steady and stable for my kids when dad is at work.  How do I hope to accomplish this?  By establishing and maintaining a routine during the week.  Often times I feel like we fly by the seat of our pants.

2) Run a race for a cause.  Training for a race is something I can do with or without Brett (or a friend’s) participation.  Since we are relatively “alone” in our area, I have made up my mind to pick a cause and be a champion.  This will make working out so much more enjoyable, knowing it is for something important.  (Well, that and loosing 12 pounds and getting a better ass!)

3) Plan a vacation for my husband and I.  Nothing crazy.  preferably something smack dab in the middle of a six-day to avoid cancellation.  I’m thinking Boston late summer, early fall.  We can hit up a baseball game, eat great food, maybe even take a drive up the coast.  So fun! (Don’t worry, I will get cancellation insurance)

4) Plan a family vacation.  Last year was San Francisco.  AMAZING.  The kids are still young so I am thinking something else low-key.  Perhaps San Diego, Yosemite, or Mammoth.  Something outdoors with plenty to see!

5) Read the Bible; the whole darn thing.  It’s a huge commitment, but I know I can do it.  I am aiming for the Discipleship plan from Nav Press.

6) Write a Blog Post every week for a year.  Committed!

7) Plan meals better.  My kids love to cook.  I hope to prepare in advance, cook organic, and embrace their excitement!

8) Be Gracious.  Pinterest has been an awesome addition to my life.  I love the tips, tricks and tools I have learned, which have made me a better Wife, Woman and Mother.  So far I have thanked each woman I have highlighted on this blog.  Their contributions are AWESOME.

9)  Build friendships with women.  I have hidden far to long from building friendships.  Moving was devastating and the uncertainty of our living situation has been an excuse for far too long.  I hope to meet amazing women and grow amazing friendships this year.  Specifically, I hope to embrace and grow relationships with the amazing FireWives from RCFD.

10) Wear lingerie.  At least once a week, I commit to wear something totally uncomfortable and impractical just for the Mr.  I have almost finished shedding baby weight from #3 , which means my confidence level is on the upswing.  On a side note, I don’t think he would mind a purchase here and there from Victoria’s Secret, Aerie, or some other fabulous panty find!  Whoo Hoo!

I feel like these are 10, well-rounded hopes.  There’s a balance for each of the roles I play, which is 100% important.  My goal is to check in once a month…a little status report if you will.  Y’all didn’t know you were signing up to be my accountability partners, huh!!??!

Happy Hoping in 2012!  Enjoy Yourself

“Mini Missions” – Discoveries inspired by Pinterest

29 Dec

Happy December 29th.  The 25th has come and gone – Wow!

We’ve spent the wake of our holiday pajama clad playing with toys. Amazing.  Out-of-town-ers have made their way to our house for a little R and R simply because Brett and I want to lay low.  It’s been wonderful!  The kids are calm and relaxed and are truly enjoying themselves.  Yesterday we even had family nap time.  A tent in the living room was the perfect place for everyone to pass out cold!  Try it – FABULOUS!

So, as promised, I’m sharing my favorite three Pinterest Discoveries of the week.  Initially, I committed to comment on Pins themselves.  Instead, I have found that Pins I genuinely enjoy inspire mini-missions.  What do I discover on these missions? Amazing women who inspire me to be a better wife, woman, and mama.    So here are my favorite discoveries from this week’s Pinterest Addiction.

3) Blog Discovery: All for the Boys.  This woman is Amazing.  Her ideas focus on the high energy, octane, action that is “boy”.  Check out Fort Friday.  Wouldn’t you just love to make this?!?

2) Blog Discovery: Momtastic.  As is my apparent theme these days, I am a newbie on most of these bandwagons, but I am hoping some of y’all may be too!  This Blog has 40k followers, which makes me, simply, plus 1.  HaHa!  So, what do I love?  Not only is this Craft Snob awesome, she is realistic about the time constraints of mama-hood.  There are tons of crafts I would love to attempt but  raising kids with 10 second time spans does not allow for extended crafting absenses.  And, while she does boast some seriously awesome organic crafts, this mama has plenty of idea “spin-offs.”  Think, Sandra Lee’s Semi Homemade; time-saving tips that use the already fashioned to create anew.  This journal in particular – I would love to receive this journal.  Personal.  Pretty.  Ponder.

1) Blog Discovery: Just a Girl.  What a fabulously fun site!  I suffer from obsessive gift giving.  “That’s a problem?” you ask?  Yes; just ask my husband.  I am constantly uttering:  Do you know who that reminds me of…Do you know who would love that…I have to get that for…”  I  love making people smile and will do so at any given time – budget friendly or not.  Bummer , huh!  Well, Ms. Chris boasts an ability to “create, decorate, and inspire-ate.”  Confessions of $1 rack finds, gifts that convey a message without breaking the bank, and a project gallery that may as well be my own personal Pinterest Pin Board.  Check out this Mighty Sweet Mama and all her Mighty Sweet Ideas.

That’s it for this week ladies.  This next week I plan to up my posts.  WhooHoo!

Here’s my plan – Since I have a passion for husband and wife relationships, I am thinking of “Monday’s for the Mr.”; ways to love and support the man in your picture!  I’m also thinking of a day devoted to the kiddos; don’t just survive the week, Enjoy Yourself!

Whatcha think?

Until then, enjoy yourself!