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Love on a Budget

22 Oct

Weekend escapades, decadent dinners, and extravagant gifts become the norm when you love your man in the lap of luxury. But, there is something even more brilliant than a sparkling diamond; love on a budget. Those intimate, frugal times when you are forced to embrace the mindset: “It’s the thought that counts!” The intention, the time, the words, and stolen moments are sweeter and longer lasting because they can’t be bought. The creativity, passion, and simplicity transform love and deepen intimacy.

Whether or not you have to love on a budget, consider these truly inexpensive, creative ideas:

1) A bottle of wine on the roof of your car, at the head of an airport runway: Watching planes take off is thrilling! It makes for great conversation and heart racing, giddy, childlike excitement that will remind you of your first kiss.

2) A dinner date after the kids go to bed: Sometimes dinner out can be too expensive, so make dinner in a reality. Create your own ambiance. Sit with the kiddos through their dinner and after they go to bed, relax and enjoy your own meal together. No interruptions, just conversation and quiet time to reconnect and catch up.

3) Lunch Notes: There is something truly awesome about an unexpected love note. My husband and I started hiding them for one another during our first year of marriage. Six years later, I still get excited to find these little gems. It began in the “lunchbox,” a quick I love you and appreciate you note, but it transformed to hidden notes in the medicine cabinet, taped to the dashboard of a car, or in a shoe. The gesture is simple and meaningful.

4) Initiate: I know it sounds simple, but “out of the box” timing and a simple gesture from you, when unexpected, will make him feel more loved, wanted, and needed than at any other moment. Consider Saturday morning. The kids are dialed into the cartoons, and preoccupied for a couple of minutes…grab his hand and lead him to a new Saturday morning tradition.

5) Bike Ride: There is nothing better than an evening bike-ride along the coast at sunset, or sunrise for that matter. Being together. Riding along. Watching the waves.

6) Dive Bar: Ours is a smoky, dark, old school dive bar. It is a perfect place to head out in jeans and a T-shirt with my man for a drink and dancing. What makes it great? We get to be adults without all the “hoopla” of a nightclub. A great 80’s cover band and we’re set. This is one of my favorites!

What are your favorite budget loving ideas?