My Favorite People

My Family, My Favorites

I am a woman (lucky), wife (luckier), mother (luckiest), Christian (I heart Jesus), friend (the crazy one), runner (okay, I guess I should say walker), reader (avid), writer (aspiring), adventurer (dare me), schedule maker (control freak), chef (recipe reader/ food lover), and one hot mama (My husband thinks I’m the hottest woman alive).

Woman. Wife.  Mama.  These are my three most important roles.  My heart’s desire is to be a better Woman, Wife, and Mama each day.  Granted, this journey is full of ups and downs!  Let’s be honest.  In our efforts to be great women, wives, and mothers, we often fall short.   Some days are better than others.  Heck, some hours are better than others!   And while I appreciate those perfect mama’s who are able to look spectacular, juggle their household duties, execute a career, calmly nurture their children, and round out a day with a Victoria’s Secret Strip tease for their husband’s, I would much rather swap stories with the other moms.  The ones that I can relate to.  The amazing women who realize they are works in progress.  The women who can share their struggles, laugh at their mistakes, and encourage me to look beyond the challenges of today.   So feel better all you mighty, sweet mamas, you are not alone in your foibles you are in grand company!

Enjoy Yourself!


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