To Be Continued

20 Mar

So hear’s the thing…I am a sh**y blogger.  I mean, I enjoy writing, I love reading, if led I comment, and by night I am becoming a professional pinner.  But, the timing and consistency of my posts is completely unreliable!   The truth is, each time I sit to write I feel like I am drawn to other priorities.  Priorities I love…

Memory making with my three sweets.  I have treasured our nature hikes, like the one below.  My youngest snuggled close as I snapped away at my older two munchkins.  There have been other fun times, like afternoon baking, teaching my three-year old to ride a bike, painting, block building, and car races. I suppose I could have blocked out evenings, but stolen moments with my love, shared stories and glasses of wine with girlfriends, and even precious moments of solitude have been more fulfilling.

I lost a sweet friend this week.  She died during childbirth.  I will miss her dearly.  Her passing was a reminder for me to savor time with loved ones.

The blank canvas of an unwritten post is an opportunity for creativity but it does little for my soul.

And, as a perfect, unplanned example, I just sat to write this little ditty and my handsome devil of a son just asked me to play.  So, I am off again!

Little Blog, thou shalt have to wait patient!

To be continued…



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