Family Volley Photo Challenge

5 Jan

So, this week, I have been overwhelmed by AMAZING blogging experiences, Pinterest finds, and inspiration, but all that’s gonna have to wait until tomorrow! Why? Because, I made a friend. Her name is Heather Johnson and she is awesome. She writes a blog called Family Volley, which is also awesome. And, she offered up a Photo Challenge, and that is super awesome too! I am excited to commit and play along. Check it out and join us. SLOW DOWN. Breathe. Smile. Shoot.

Challenge One: January 4, 2012: Self Portrait (2 takes)

I call this self portrait, "Brock...are you sure you should be doing that?"

Assume the position

What did I learn?

1) I am the last person on the planet to sign up for a Flickr account.
2) I have no idea how to set a timer and take a picture, which means any self portrait must be a hand held venture.
3) I was unable to slow down long enough to sit alone and take a solo picture. All attempts involved children and interruptions.
4) My facial expressions are reactions to all that is happening around me.
5) I considered cheating. I actually went back through my photo library to insert a solo picture and was unable to find one. I gave up in August 2011. I need more pictures of myself.
6) If I ever get Botox it will be in my forehead.
7) Gosh, I have GREAT eyes!!
8) I need to Slow Down.

What does your self portrait look like?

Enjoy Yourself!


One Response to “Family Volley Photo Challenge”

  1. Laura Hernandez Photography January 7, 2012 at 12:14 am #

    Loving your blog. Self portraits are tough! I feel your pain. 🙂

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