“Mini Missions” – Discoveries inspired by Pinterest

29 Dec

Happy December 29th.  The 25th has come and gone – Wow!

We’ve spent the wake of our holiday pajama clad playing with toys. Amazing.  Out-of-town-ers have made their way to our house for a little R and R simply because Brett and I want to lay low.  It’s been wonderful!  The kids are calm and relaxed and are truly enjoying themselves.  Yesterday we even had family nap time.  A tent in the living room was the perfect place for everyone to pass out cold!  Try it – FABULOUS!

So, as promised, I’m sharing my favorite three Pinterest Discoveries of the week.  Initially, I committed to comment on Pins themselves.  Instead, I have found that Pins I genuinely enjoy inspire mini-missions.  What do I discover on these missions? Amazing women who inspire me to be a better wife, woman, and mama.    So here are my favorite discoveries from this week’s Pinterest Addiction.

3) Blog Discovery: All for the Boys.  This woman is Amazing.  Her ideas focus on the high energy, octane, action that is “boy”.  Check out Fort Friday.  Wouldn’t you just love to make this?!?

2) Blog Discovery: Momtastic.  As is my apparent theme these days, I am a newbie on most of these bandwagons, but I am hoping some of y’all may be too!  This Blog has 40k followers, which makes me, simply, plus 1.  HaHa!  So, what do I love?  Not only is this Craft Snob awesome, she is realistic about the time constraints of mama-hood.  There are tons of crafts I would love to attempt but  raising kids with 10 second time spans does not allow for extended crafting absenses.  And, while she does boast some seriously awesome organic crafts, this mama has plenty of idea “spin-offs.”  Think, Sandra Lee’s Semi Homemade; time-saving tips that use the already fashioned to create anew.  This journal in particular – I would love to receive this journal.  Personal.  Pretty.  Ponder.

1) Blog Discovery: Just a Girl.  What a fabulously fun site!  I suffer from obsessive gift giving.  “That’s a problem?” you ask?  Yes; just ask my husband.  I am constantly uttering:  Do you know who that reminds me of…Do you know who would love that…I have to get that for…”  I  love making people smile and will do so at any given time – budget friendly or not.  Bummer , huh!  Well, Ms. Chris boasts an ability to “create, decorate, and inspire-ate.”  Confessions of $1 rack finds, gifts that convey a message without breaking the bank, and a project gallery that may as well be my own personal Pinterest Pin Board.  Check out this Mighty Sweet Mama and all her Mighty Sweet Ideas.

That’s it for this week ladies.  This next week I plan to up my posts.  WhooHoo!

Here’s my plan – Since I have a passion for husband and wife relationships, I am thinking of “Monday’s for the Mr.”; ways to love and support the man in your picture!  I’m also thinking of a day devoted to the kiddos; don’t just survive the week, Enjoy Yourself!

Whatcha think?

Until then, enjoy yourself!


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