Sock Lunches

30 Nov

Love is a verb, which means I need to put love into action.  Granted, it is easiest to show love to my husband, kids, family, and friends.  But, I am additionally called to love my enemies, my neighbors and the unlovely.  It’s much easier said than done.  During our recent road trip to San Francisco we saw many homeless people.  Outside of restaurants, on street corners, wandering aimlessly.  Lately I’ve been so consumed with raising the kids, loving the Mr. and running the roost that I have turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to those less fortunate.  I am definitely ashamed to admit that, but it is  true!  As we drove, I remembered a gesture Brett and I used to make when we were first married.  I committed to begin again with our Sock Lunches.

Although it’s simple and small, I pray its contents will bless those who receive it!

The Sock Lunch:
1 pair of socks (a single sock to stuff and one to fold on top)
1 canned food meal (We used a Chef Boyardi, pop top, healthy entrée with no cooking required.)
1 can/plastic fruit cup
1 bottle water
1 utensil
1 handwritten note (You and important.  You matter.  Know God loves you.)
How to Assemble: Open one of the socks, shove the water bottle

Give to those in need!

to the toe end along with the note and utensil.  I like to tape the note to the bottle and place the utensil on the side.  On top of the water, place the canned food and fruit cup.  Fold second sock and place on top of the fruit cup.  One sock should appear stuffed like a long snake.  The contents provide a person in need with a meal and a clean pair of socks.  Sock Lunches are easy to make.  My five-year old and three-year old participate in the preparation.  We make several at a time.  I keep a box behind my driver’s seat where I am able to reach a sock and hand it to someone in need at a moment’s notice.

The holidays are expensive.  This is an inexpensive way to show love and grace to someone in need!   It’s not how much or what you give, what’s most important is that you give!  The intent is to bless others.  Put love into action!  Don’t be surprised if you feel blessed in return.  Giving is amazing that way.


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