Keep it on the Up and Up

16 Nov
Diaper Cake #2

Diapers; one more child in diapers.  I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We are extremely fortunate.   I declined all offers to have a baby shower for my third child.  Nevertheless, many friends and family opted to bring us diapers.   With such an amazing support system, we received many boxes.  Gavin is four and half  months old and Tuesday was my first diaper  excursion.

Now, I had apparently been out of the diaper loop for a bit.  The prices were overwhelming.   I love Swaddlers.    They are soft, comfy, and hold a heck of a lot of “stuff.” I’d like to imagine my kiddos like their feel as well.  Huggies are functional, albeit a little rough, and, when it comes to our kiddos, they definitely do not hold through the night.  Luvs are good in a pinch, and Kirkland…well, please see Huggies description.  But, let me tell you my greatest surprise this baby…Up and Up diapers from Target.

I found myself standing in the diaper aisle at Target in complete denial.  Side by side on the shelf were Up and Up diapers and Swaddlers.  Both size three boxes contained 144 diapers.  The price of the Swaddlers box was $35.  The price of the Up and Up brand was $19.99.  Shocking!

I opted for the Up and Up brand (Living on the edge!) and a small pack of Swaddlers in case they didn’t hold through the night.

Not only did they hold through the night, they prevented complete diaper leakage, did not leave red marks on Gavin’s thighs, were less rough than Huggies, and prevented poop from shooting up and out onto Gavin’s back (Yummy!)

I am super excited.  My wallet and I love the Up and Up diapers!


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