Letting the Mr. off the Hook

28 Oct
The chore list

Image by demandaj via Flickr

Open bill.  Pay bill.  File Bill.  Shred bill.  It seems simple enough, which is why I don’t understand how bills get paid and yet the “to be paid” stack on our desk continues to grow.

Laundry hamper = big.  Clothing item = small.  Husband = good at Basketball.  How do clothes land on the perimeter of the hamper but not in the hamper?

Unwind air compressor hose.  Inflate tire.  Recoil the air compressor hose.  Such a small task, I can’t imagine how it ended up strewn across the garage floor – again.

I clench my teeth, tighten my fists, and walk pointedly down the hall way to ask him how hard it is to shred the bills, put the laundry in the hamper, and wind up the damn compressor hose, when I see the kids rough housing with their dad, having a blast…when I find my husband enjoying a rare conversation with his dad…when my husband comes up behind me and whispers in my ear.  The truth is, there are a million things requiring attention.  Whether or not I like to admit it, my little requests add up to a mighty long list.  So what does it really matter if I take two seconds to file the paid bills, throw the clothes in the hamper, or wind up the darn air compressor cord?

Yes; if I remind him he will do it.  Yes.  He will take time away from playing, chatting, and loving on me.  And, in reality, what is the greater good.  I have an opportunity to take something off his plate, avoid confrontation, and make myself feel better that the task is complete.  Ultimately, at the end of the day, isn’t that what I am going for anyway?


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