The S Word

20 Oct

Serve. It truly is the dirtiest word in the English language. Serving involves setting aside my own agenda, tapping into another person’s needs, and meeting those needs to the best of my ability. It may be messy, it may be uncomfortable, it may be inconvenient, and it may even be draining. But, something amazing happens when I serve others. A little glimmer of joy, of passion, of goodness, of hope, of kindness, of love begins to light up inside my soul. Without knowing it I find myself absolutely blessed to the core!

In our society it is commendable to serve others. We serve the poor and the homeless, feeding them meals and giving them clothing. We take our friends meals when they’ve had children or when they are sick. We sign up for bake sales. We buy cookies from the Girl Scouts. We help in the Community. We are inherently kind to strangers.

…So here’s what I don’t understand. If it’s great to serve others and reach out to help people, when did the idea of serving our husbands become a negative chore? If we are so generous serving strangers, why do we burn out and act disgruntled when we serve those we love?

I recently attended a wedding ceremony where the pastor offered a statement about the privilege of serving in a marriage.

Marriage is a business, a partnership, a friendship, a team. We enter into marriage hoping both parties will give equally; and they should. The notion of giving equally is an evaluation of marriage as a whole – from start to finish. But in a marriage, forever is broken down into decades; decades to years; years to months; and months to days. And guaranteed there will be days when one or both of us will wake up sick, sad, grumpy, busy, and even needy. As a spouse, it is crucial to step in and meet the needs of our partner; it is important we serve them just as we would serve others!


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